last updated: Dec 27, 2007

Welcome to Naska's temporary gallery of images done for fun and for people on the KOL forums.
If you have no clue what KOL is about, first of all, go and play the game. It's brilliant:Kingdom of Loathing
Currently I am not taking any comissions since I'd like to start drawing something different. Thanks for all the requests! ;)
(Please don't use images without permission unless you want to be beaten up to a pulp by me and the comissioners below. Garr.)

(some of the images get bigger when you click on em - try it out!)

My version of the ultimate KOL boss - the Naughty Sorceress. This one was for a forum contest.

avatar for Sir Gupp

avatar for e_tut

avatar for ultimateroadkill

avatar for farchyld

avatar for wolf warhead

avatar for hogulus.

avatar for firebot#

my first avatar for the forums!

little colored icons for the color kol script by Gorloth.

It's easy and fun to work on these. Try it out! ;D

image for boofalo

image for gib64

image for cupcakes of hell

image for Ms. Pellar (is the steaming evil gallery up yet?)

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